The National League of Renowned Attorneys is an organization of professional attorneys committed to advocating for the utmost and highest standards within the profession.

The National League of Renowned Attorneys is an organization committed to advocating the highest standards within the legal profession. The goal of the National League of Renowned Attorneys is to spotlight members of the legal community whose actions and practice demonstrate an elite understanding of the law and promotion of a higher level of professionalism typically only seen in exceptional circumstances.


By means of a highly judicious process of selection, we ensure that only the elite attorneys who exemplify the standards demanded by the NLRA are granted admission. Because of this ultra-selective process, less than one percent of the attorneys in the country are even granted the honor of invitation to the National League of Renowned Attorneys.


The members of the NLRA stand as examples for all other attorneys in the legal trade and consistently work to raise the bar of professionalism to better serve their communities.

NOTE: The NLRA is not a lawyer referral service. Any decision about the hiring of an attorney should be made upon your own individual research and your perception of that attorney's individual qualifications in relation to your need for legal services.